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Self-Service Bike Repair Station – IBOMBO PRS-LV2 is adapted for use in public spaces. The housing of the device is made of galvanized or stainless steel with powder or thermoplastic coating The device is mounted to the ground or wall with the aid of anchors.

The tools are attached to the stainless steel ropes hanging inside the column of the station; the length of the ropes allows you to reach all bicycle components. The rubber coating of the ropes prevents tools from tangling and protects the bicycle frame from scratching. The construction of the station allows you to place the bicycle on the grip, so you can easily turn the crank while repairing the bike. The station is equipped in a hand pump with an adapter for all valve types.

The QR CODE placed on the front of the station allows you to use online publications containing instructions on repairing bicycle faults. Sheet metal elements of the device are fastened with anti-theft screws – the bits for these screws will be handed over to the customer. This model of the station can be additionally equipped with, among others, aluminium waterproof frames, side-or-back bike stand, a pneumatic skateboard holder or E-BIKE bicycle charging module.

Dimensions: 156 x 51 x 40 cm

Weight: 65-90 kg (depending on optional equipment)

Advertising area: up to 15000 cm2

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