BiciCharger Solar

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Eco Charging Station for Electric Bicycles

Equipped with a solar panel, this charging station for electric bikes is able to produce energy that is stored in the batteries installed in your interior.

The charging station BICIcharger Solar bike uses a solar panel to convert the energy of sunlight into electrical energy which is stored in its embedded batteries inside the equipment.

With this technology, the BiciCharger Solar does not require an external source of energy and is completely self-sufficient.

For security and charging reasons, the station has a current limiting to 1hour per charge and a preconfigured system with earth connection with automatic restart, in addition to having all its outlets certified for external usage with protected sockets.


Doesn’t require external power supply.

The energy generated is stored at the station.

Timer button for activation of loading (automatic power switch)

Vandal-resistant and resistant to weather conditions (Ip55 certification).

Allows simultaneous charging from to 2 to 4 bikes.

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