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Topiart OÜ was established in 2019. Our main business area is decorationg landscape and urban space.

Topiart OÜ offers a wide variety of topiary figures but also durable bicycle pumpstations for outdoor use. We will help you change your garden into a true masterpiece with incredible atmosphere.

Our bicycle pumpstations are created keeping in mind the bicycle organisation recommendations. Our pumpstations are a perfect solutiond for those who value quality, precision, durability, safety and comfort.


TOPIART OÜ offers a wide variety of topiary figures. Our customers have the options to purchase diferent topiaries such as – rabbits, squirrels, dolphins, bears, deers, elephant and a lot more.

Specialized experts help you make the perfect solution for you but also arrange quick delivery to anywhere you like.

We will help you create a true masterpiece of landscape design. Our topiary figures will create an incredible and beatiful atmosphere.

The figures are designed keeping in mind modernity bringing along the option to create organized beauty in gardens, parks and nature areas.


10,000 IBOMBO Bike Repair Stations are used in many countries, including; Germany, Poland France, Norway, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ireland, UK, Luxembourg, Canada, Taiwan and Singapore.

Stations are personalized for each customer – choose the type of steel, color, place your graphics or choose one of the many additional options.

Our products are not one-off. In the event of vandalism, wear and tear – we ensure constant access to spare parts. Our bike repair station models are constructed in such a way that the replacement of components is the least time-consuming and can be handled by anyone without specialized tools. Importantly, the station housing parts are connected by special service screws – the customer will be provided with special bits to unscrew these screws along with the product.